North Andover Housing Authority

 One Morkeski Meadows North Andover, MA 01845
Phone: (978) 682-3932 | Fax: (978) 794-1142

Staff & Personnel

Maggie Cleary PHM, MPHA Executive Director ext. 102
David Lynch Public Housing Program Coordinator ext. 103
Melanie Francois Leased Housing Program Director ext. 106
Marcia Kupiec Bookkeeper ext. 104
Erin Phelan Office Manager ext. 105
Janee' Guzman Receptionist / Administrative Assistant ext. 101
Ellen Weinhold Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator ext. 107

Maintenance Staff:

  • James Camire, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Andrew Giard, Maintenance Mechanic
  • Robert Albrecht, Maintenance Mechanic
  • William Smith, Maintenance Mechanic
To reach the maintenance department call (978)-682-3932